I don't like to hug people because I'm self conscious about my weight.!

Question: I don't like to hug people because I'm self conscious about my weight. Is this normal?
The title says it all.

I don't like to hug people in case they think I'm too fat, although I am considered to be at a healthy weight. (I think otherwise)

Is this normal?


The not wanting to hug cause of being self conscious is normal. What would be deemed "not normal" is thinking you are fat if you are at a healthy weight.

Do you have or have you had an issues with eating disorders? Don't let your perceived issue cause a loss of happiness or diminish your quality of life.

I'm a member of an emotional support online community. It is good to surround yourself with others that care about you and want to help you. Those that love you love who you are not your "wrapper".


I used to be overweight and felt the same. Now that I am normal weight I realise no one cares. If you are hugging someone, hopefully they love and care for you and I am sure you're gorgeous. Don't worry about it!

you don't have to hug. it's optional. and when you want to hug it will mean more. you will grow into your body image. you are not a dress size.

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