i try to tell my teacher about my dad but she just tells me...?!

Question: I try to tell my teacher about my dad but she just tells me...?
i dont know how many of you read my other question BUT

okay so my dad and my swimming teacher talk on the phone like every other day. im terrified of to swim and so she contacts him and tells him what i did. First of all, I'm freakin 15 and in 10th grade. She always tells me im not responsible and i act two years old but its because she MAKES it seem like that.

anyways, my dad sounds like the sweetest person ever on the phone but he is so abusive. once i tried to tell her about it but she thinks my dad is so nice and so whenever i tell her she's all "you like to manipulate teachers." i dont know what to do anymore because my dad is lying to my swimming teacher about me. i want her to know the things my dad says aren't true but she takes his word over mine.


The teacher should not dismiss what you're saying! She must take every allegation as truth, whether she believes you or not!

I can't see your activity, but did you ever ask a question about your teacher pushing you into a pool? If not, I apologize.

You have to visit the principal, or nurse, or school counselor and tell them exactly what he does to you. Stop trusting this teacher who obviously isn't very professional (if she was the one that pushes you into the pool, and if she isn't, by not believing what you say, you are getting more hurt so she is STILL not being professional). If she IS the teacher I'm thinking of (the question was asked a couple weeks ago, so idk) you must also tell them about her...

Do not talk to your teacher about this go speak to your counsellor at school, you're teacher has no right to dismiss you like that. She shouldn't even be ignoring what you're saying she should get fired for that especially when its abuse. First thing go speak to your counsellor or your principal take a friend with you. You are allowed to refuse to go home and seek help from school. Everything will be taken care of from there.


You need to find a reasonable adult who will listen to your story, the whole story. You need to get away from your father and that teacher. Both are abusing you even if you only think one is. Talk to a counselor or another teacher that will listen to you. You need to get help soon!

Mia, you just want attention because people in your life arent giving you enough attention. you posted at least 15 similar stories to this one but you switch the other stories around. I think you need more help than your school counselor can give you. I think you should see a psychiatrist. you need help!

Problem with your question is, that it's either really bad, and you need to report your Dad, because abusers should be held accountable, or you're just being a spoiled teen, that needs to stop being a drama-queen, and just learn to swim already.

Mia, please tell your school nurse, it will be the first step to your getting the help you desperately need.

same guy that answered your first letter

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