I can't yawn because I can't stop thinking about it?!

Question: I can't yawn because I can't stop thinking about it?
Every time I yawn a thought enters my mind of me yawning. Which makes it hard to naturally yawn. I just want to stop thinking about it so that I won't have any problems yawning. How do I stop thinking about it? It's annoying the sh!t out of me, and I just want it to end. And please no "just stop thinking about it, or think about something else" answers. I want methods or techniques please.


Yawning is the method your body uses to get rid of excess carbon dioxide in your body. If you're having trouble, try taking a few deep breaths to increase the CO2 level in your body past the threshold where your body will yawn no matter what you're thinking.

You could also try thinking about keeping yourself from yawning when you have to. No promises on that, but it might work.

That's happened to me before like all the time ! Just sayin lmao .

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