this is going to be an essay about what to do, just warning ^^;?!

Question: This is going to be an essay about what to do, just warning ^^;?
Basically, i've had a horrible childhood, i wont go into details at all cos that would take forever. i've moved house 20 times, i'm 16 i now live on my own in a bedsit. i have no friends at all because of the amount of times i've moved i just cant keep in contact (no internet (im at my dads right now) no money, no credit). i have to have an abortion on tuesday. i have a boyfriend who did nothing for valentines day, did nothing for our 6 month anniversary (spent the money on weed, said some things are more important) wouldnt surprise me if he forgets my birthday in 3 months. he's already had me up against the wall, dragged me about, put a hole through my door. his friends are the only friends i can talk to, but boyfriend always finds out what i've been saying. dont get me wrong this boyfriend is supportive [but inconsiderate] he's nice when he wants to be, which is quite a lot of the time recently.. i actually hate my life. i see all my old friends and that who have a life and friends, going out, doing drugs, getting drunk, having a laugh. i have none of this, i sit at home doing **** all because i have no money, i'm scared of not being in control of myself and no friends and it really gets me down. i must of have watched the same films over and over about 30 times. i just dont know what to do anymore :( i feel deserted, i feel lonely, i feel like no one could actually give a **** to be honest. i suffer bad depression, [i always have] but this has just made it so much more worse. i live in Bath where everything is just so bloody expensive so i cant go out and do anything. [boyfriend lives in chippenham] i know its a bit odd, but i need advice, ANY, its not really a question i know but please help me :( even if its to just understand myself :( i'll be very thankful.. :(


Have you tried counselling? Your doctor should be able to put you in touch with a young persons counsellor. You seem to have very low self esteem, which is why you put up with your boyfriend's totally unacceptable behaviour. He is not supportive if he treats you like that, and you are in a destructive relationship because you think you don't deserve any better, but you are worth more thn that, you just have to realise that. Have you thought about doing some sort of voluntary work, even if it's just in a local charity shop? It will help to give you a sense of self worth, which is what you need to build on. As for the abortion, are you sure that is what you really want? Don't do it just because your boyfriend or anyone else says you should, be sure it is right for you, and if you're not 100% sure, then explore other alternatives. I am not against abortion, but I know that it can cause more problems than it solves if deep down you don't want it. Please don't give up, you can have a better life, but sometimes you have to fight for it. Good luck and try to be strong.

Men are gits - get used to it then you wont be disappointed.

Go out for free days out - you live in a beautiful part of the country. Clear your head.

Find other friends, and find another boyfriend. He is NOT supportive, by what you are telling. People that are not supportive in important things like these ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE.

How do you think that your boyfriend finds out what you say? People are telling him - the people you trusted with your information!

I am sad that I can't tell you how to find other friends, other groups, that make you feel less lonely and that really care about you. But that would be my hope for you.

Honey, abuse is abuse and you are being abused by this boyfriend. Classic case of abuse actually. He wants to know where you are at all times and who you're with. He leaves you with no money so you can't go anywhere. You're going to have an abortion, to murder this unborn child? Because he wants you to?

This relationship will go nowhere, ever. He will become more and more abusive as time goes by, and it would be no surprise if he hurts or kills you. Get away from him!! Go where he won't find you, although he will look for you long and hard. If he finds you he will go into a rage and that's when you'll be hurt or die.

Please think about what I've said.

I understand your problem but I do know that you can make a new start. Hopefully you are in school and that is where most kids are. If you have dropped out, do enroll and finish school. I am sure your parents love you. But many people are successful even though they had a not so good up bringing. You can make up your mind to change the trashy things you have done. Until you get some good friends (boys and girls) don't date. Use your mind and spirit to make things better for yourself. You sure don't need this drug smoking joker.

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