Is SSI Requesting, Or is My family just Causing Trouble?!

Question: Is SSI Requesting, Or is My family just Causing Trouble?
My Name is Brittany, I'll Be 20 in May, I Moved to Texas, From North Carolina, Around 6 Months Ago, I'm on Disability, And i have Medicaid. I get a Check Each Month for around $670.00, (Mental Disability) And I've been a little Lazy with Getting it all Switched to Texas. My Family, consist of very Sneaky, Deceiving People. My Grandfather has been sending me 150 bucks Each Week, Out of my Disability Check.
They've Been Wanting a Statement, And I got a Voice-mail Today, From my Grandfather, Saying that they were going to Cut my Check off, And End my Services, IF i did NOT send HIM, this statement, so he could send it to them. He wants it to have the Address, ETC, of all the Companies We pay the Bills to.
Electric, & So On.
But I've Never Heard of Such, And Why would I Be able to Send it to them Myself?
Would They Really Ask all that Information? They've Never Asked Before, And I've Been Receiving Services for about 3 Years Now.

Thanks, Brittany(:


Call Social Security immediately and deal directly with them. Unless the court has declared you incompetent, they cannot legally do this. You admit you have been lazy and this has caused the issue. Now you can fix it. Tell SSI your new address and give them the information that is needed. You are an adult and you are supposed to deal with SSI yourself.There is an easy solution to your problem. Pick up the phone now!

Go to a doc using your medicaid and handle your own check. They wont cut you off for that. Break ties and never talk to them again. Talk to me for all the details.

1st of all, maybe you think people/parents can talk anyway they see fit each day. Turns out many parents are abusers. Actually they are not trying to be tough to make you better or help- they are tricking you. This goes for people at school as well. Words are abuse also.

There are many types of abusive people/parents. Some ignore you. Some hit the bottle. Some hit you. And some run their mouths and put you down. THEY are sick and feel great by being mean, and thats the only reason they do it. They are wrong about everything. The typical abuser is close-minded, self-righteous and was also abused themself. Use defense and read many sites on verbal abuse etc. People tear you down to build themselves up. Youre being abused - Its their problem. Knowledge is power.

Abuse causes pain mistaken as Mental Problems. BP OCD etc. Psychiatrists commit fraud and all disorders are a hoax. For chemical imbalances NO test exists. You dont have what shrinks say you have. Dont tell anyone about your so called disorder. They will only drug you.

Jesus name and forgiving others who are wrong is important along with avoiding them.

Learn the truth, forgive, and Get Away from them. Read many many sites under "emotional abuse" and "dealing with bullies".

I have some questions for you if want to talk about it.

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