Need help I'm in crisis? (hurry its an emergancy..)?!

Question: Need help I'm in crisis? (hurry its an emergancy..)?
One thing that lead me to crisis was my family I don't think they care anymore my brother says I need a life my sister says i need a life my step father says i need a life and my mom says it too (im sure i have a life i help them out and love them but all they do is put me down) I just feel like killing myself right now but I wont some help who could i turn to in this moment I broke my phone so i cant call anyone im home alone (we dont have a house phone) i hate to call the crisis hotline they r no help the reason i want to die is bc i just want to get out of there lifes so there happy.what r my options in this kind of situation?


WEll, Omar, they didn't say 'we hate you and want you out of our lives', they implied a LOT of love and candidness by saying honestly they think you could find what your life purpose is and get busy getting it fulfilled.
There is a HUGE difference between those two statements. What they said, was because they DO love you and perhaps don't know how to help you find your life purpose. Maybe they don't know how to express themselves or help you either. idk. Maybe they have that much faith in you and your abilities.
That is NO REASON to run away at all. The streets are dangerous, and more so every day. You don't want to be in the streets.
You sound like you love them alot also, and I am concerned that out of all that, you came up with feeling suicidal.
How did that happen?
What is going on?
You need to find some adults that are worthy of your trust, and start talking things out with them, and letting them help you.
There are adults that can help you find your life purpose. It is something we are all born with and it involves things we like and love, and love to do.
G-d didn't make any losers. People make losers. You can make yourself a loser if you keep believing horrible lies about yourself.
Because you feel suicidal you do need to find someone worthy of trust and talk things out with them.
Even a priest would be able to counsel you and may have some resources, or your religion.
If you don't have one, then you can still find counseling,
look under 'counseling' in the yellow pages and find the local mental health center and call them, they usually have income based fees, ask them where you can get counseling.
mens shelters have counselors, also listed in the yellow pages.
Bring positive people into yoru life.
If you think you are being abused, and you need someone to talk to at any time, you can call
or contact
or the police and ask them for help.
If you broke your phone in anger, then you do need some help with that also. Keep asking until you find the right help for you.
best wishes


not worth killing yourself PLEASE DONT and YES your family DO care aabout you OK so just DO NOT KILL YOURSELF think of you family and what they will think if they cam home and saw your on the floor they woukd break down in tears so just think of your family PLEASE i know you my think they dont care about you but deep down they DO and what eva is going on JUST THINK I HAVE GOT A LIFE AND DONT LISTEN TO THEM

it may not seem like no one cares about you, but trust me everyone that you dont think cares actually cares a **** load about you. killing yourself is a selfish thing to do anyways. your special, everyone is special in their own ways. im special, your special, i promise we're all special and important in our own unique ways. keep the faith and stay strong. keep your head up, i dont know you, but i KNOW your worth it! you were put on this earth with a purpose, you will go great places in life.

JUst cool down buddy and think over it. If every body is ignoring you then introspect that whether you are at fault somewhere. If still you believe that you are right then go and find a true friend (Preferably girl of your age and if possible of your own locality) and share with her some of your deepest thoughts, she would guide you better as human being.

heyy i dont know who u r but nothing is worth killing yourself over... try to sit down and speak to your mom i had a friend hang himself and even though your a stranger i feel your pain so please email me.

email me

Before you do anything irrational, may I ask- how old are you?

2nd of all, please IM me--- click on my name and look up my information. I have been here before so I know how it is, please IM me or email me. I might be able to serve as some use in this situation.

i've been here before.

Just remember that no matter what anyone else says, you are perfect the way you are. I bet you are a beautiful human being with a great need to please their family. I believe you have a life and if your family can't see that then tell them how you feel.

God... BIG TIME! :) ... he's ALWAYS there when ppl are not.

for more info you can email me :)

p.s: plz dont mind my email. i know it sounds childish. i did it when i was 11... hvnt changed it

God bless :)

ok so HONESTLY you just need to chill. you need to stop caring what they think about you get some selfasteam and just know that your not what they say you are you have to love yourself in order for them not to get to you.

Hello, email samaritans, they'll listen to your problems and send you one back.

- try calling samaritans when you have access to a phone

First of all, don't kill yourself.'s called therapy. It make seem embarrassing to you, but you have to see a psychologist for something this important.

leave home and start over

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