What should I do about depression?!

Question: What should I do about depression?
I am a teenager and I have recently asked my mom to make me a doctors appointment so I can get the help I need. She told me I'm not depressed and that if I was I would have killed myself by now. Normally mom is a well rounded person but shes denying me the help I feel I need. I feel like a zombie and have for the past few weeks. I never sleep, I'm always really edgy and the smallest things set me off, i can't function in school and I always miss school because of it. My mom just thinks I am lazy but I think there is more to it than that. I'm not severely depressed but I just want to be able to function again.


Well that is your mother's opinion.

But you see opinions are like @rseholes and many are full of s****.

Demand to see a doctor, regardless of what she thinks.

Rational Emotive Therapy is the best treatment for depression:


Parents MUST listen to their children and take them seriously. Your mom must be threatened by the idea that her child might be depressed - she thinks it reflects poorly on her parenting skills.

I was told I was lazy, too, by my stepmother. I begged for her to let me see a therapist and she refused because she didn't want any 'crazy' people in her family. Years later, after being married and having my own children and being unable to cope with day to day life, I'm diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which may have been well under control by now if she had listened to me.
If you don't drive then find someone who can take you. Mental health is just as important as your physical health.
It would be like she is refusing to take you to the doctor for strep throat or pneumonia and telling you to take a Tylenol and get over it.

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