guess how many cuts I have on my arm?!

Question: Guess how many cuts I have on my arm?

20-30 far far too many in society's view

If you have 1, it is too many. Get help for your problem before you scar yourself up inside and out!
You can be helped if you ask.
Call your mother, a hot-line, a minister, a teacher, ANYONE and tell them you are upset and cutting.
If you learn to deal with your life without cutting, you will be able to have a happy life. You can be taught. It is doable.
Life is not a contest to see who is the craziest, saddest, most destructive person around.
Life is hard enough without cutting. Life is not perfect for anyone. It is sad, hard, confusing, a bother, and awful for everyone---sometimes. It is also glorious joyful, funny, and full of love and beauty. Depends on YOU to find it. It is there for you.
Be brave enough to try.

My daughter-in-law is bi-polar and used to cut. Then she had a baby (my grandchild) and got depressed again. She is off her meds and NOW everyone is concerned about her and the baby's health and safety. Her mother (the other grandmother) is having her COMITTED against her will ! Don't let that happen to you. Help yourself, so your family doesn't have to intervene.

no offense but yahoo is not the place to post that... it sounds like you're just looking for attention, maybe not but when I cut I would never advertise it. If you are cutting you need to get help and stop broadcasting it to anyone who has a computer

mis borderline stop looking for sypothey grow up

50 to 80

As many as how many brain cells you have


well guess how many i have on mine *****!!!

I don't know, but I really counldn't care any less.

stop attention seeking

5 to 15

The same as me?
Too many?



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