Why does my mom yell at me when she finds out i recently cut?!

Question: Why does my mom yell at me when she finds out i recently cut?
is it supposed to mean that she cares?, because it only makes me feel worse which makes me want to cut more. ive been getting professional help and started taking antidepressants just over 2 weeks ago and im really struggling and want to cut.


i self harm and when my mom first found out she was angry, but only because she was scared. she just wants to be able to help you, it terrifies parents to think their baby can want to hurt themself. your anti depressenrts wont have started to work yet they take quite a while to kick in so give them chance. always remember you are special and you dont need to self harm to feel better, you just need the people that love you.

been through it

Get the help you need you can be clinically depress and take those pill will not help you need to assess you problem and if the doctor give a pill the it ok to take those, as for you mom she is worried she is your mother and she will always care even do you don't think so know, may that cause you need help

wow. don't cut because you don't want to go any crazier. she yells BEcause she cares... but maybe you guys could talk it out. but seriously... please don't cut... its not "cool" or going to make anyone like you "more" your just going to end up in a phyciatric hospital. so please just talk it out with your mom, she cares and im sure neither of you want you to end up in a phyciatric hospital...

She cares about you and she is angry that she can't seem to find a way to help you. I used to cut in high school, if you are female, a good way to distract yourself is to paint your fingernails/toes... for guys, try to find something hands-on that will distract you from the urges.

She cares at leat your mom cares about you..
answer mine?

it probably means that she's freaked-out worried about you, and has no idea how to help you, so she just flips out.

of course she cares, she yells at you because it hurts her too

because the scars dont look too good

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