how to die without pain?!

Question: How to die without pain?
i want to die because i showed some guy (teenager) my boobs and i cried all night in my room and don't have the guts to tell my mom as much as i want to. what should i do because i feel guilty i didn't tell my mom but sometimes i feel fine. what should i do plzz help me i dont kno what i was thinking and i barly have anything . please help!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel very guilty not telling my mom because she tells thing that happened to her and im afraid and embarrassed and depressed and i think she will try to get the police or something serious involved im just all over the place and i don't wanna eat or do anything but die
i did this on video chat round on facebook and i dont know what to do and all i want to do is die


All of you who are laughing should be ashamed of yourself. The girl is contemplating suicide and the first thing you think to do is make fun of her. Great job, geniuses. Next time don't comment! Yes, we may see this as something small and minute but she may feel shame or other strong emotions of her actions or the result of her actions. I will agree that we all all do things we regret and you won't find one person who hasn't done something they regret. It's part of life. Sometimes there will be beautiful moments, happy moments and really horrible moments that we regret but nothing worth taking your life over. Talk with your mom and tell her how you feel, seek her comfort.

Look around. There are many kind of peoples in this world. Sluts, whores, good guy, bad guy, good girl, bad girl.. You are good girl.. Good girls dont die. By just showing your boobs to a guy doesnt make you bad. It is your hormones. It is normal. You dont have tell your mom about this. Just move on. Pretend that it doesnt even happened. BTW, Watch the film Saw to know how to die without pain..

I didnt know that Facebook has video chat facility..

Ok, so you made ONE bad decision. That doesn't make you a bad person. You don't HAVE to tell your mom. She doesn't have to know everything you do in your life. Just try not to think about it and just don't do it again. Everyone makes bad decisions. But you know what? In a year or so you'll look back on this moment, realize that it was a stupid decision, maybe laugh a bit, and realize that it really didn't affect your life in such a bad way that you thought it would. You're overreacting. Calm down and just refrain from doing this again.

You're only a little girl. You'll laugh about this in 5 years. Calm down and don't make bad choices

And plus, when I read this. I almost died myself, of laughter. LOLOLOLOLLfjkshfkjdfhkdjghfdk ugh nvm brb dying.

There are people in africa, dying right now. And you're thinking of killing yourself because you have a loving family, roof over your head, and luxuries? You're a joke.

You know if you kill your self you will just make your self feel even worst as think how your mom will feel. You dont want to kill your self so what showed some random person your boobs they will forget it after a few days your mom probably wont find out

Hey as long as your not on a porno film, its normal for some people to do that, Just forget about it!

They're just boobs. I like boobs. I'm a 18 year old successful collegiate female athlete.
It's no big deal~ we do stupid stuff in life.

you want to die.. because you showed a guy.. your boobs? o.O

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