im a highly sensitive person and i think i suffer from anxiety social disorder..!

Question: Im a highly sensitive person and i think i suffer from anxiety social
Hey im just curious on why i have this. When ever i go to school and i of course have to be around people but whenever i go to school and especially when i go to the cafeteria i start feeling trapped and i start having really bad anxiety attacks and im ready to cry and i cant seem to control it and i dont know why, especially when i find people in school ready to get into a fight, yesterday these two guys almost got into a fight in my class and i was literally about to cry and i was having anxiety attacks while that was happening and i dont know why so i went into the bathroom to help calm myself down. And as soon as i get home i go straight to sleep and it has to be dark and no noise at all or otherwise i cant sleep...Please help me figure this all out why alot of "highly sensitive people" are like this or similar to this, and are you HASP.S.P as well?

ps:im easily affected by peoples moods even by people i dont really know or know at all, when someone im around is sad, i become sad...and whenever im around someone who is stressed or angry i then become stressed and angry as well...I dont understand.

You are an empath. Read the link that I put on here and you will see that there are others like you. I too am an empath...I'm very in tune to how others around me feel and I absorb the moods of those around me like a sponge. We are very sensitive and we can become toxic from ppls emotions that is why we get so tired,,,it's our way of healing from the overload of emotions. I too have panic attacks and anxiety disorder and I have agoraphobic tendencies...means sometimes I couldn't even leave the house. Now I'm getting out more because I realise I have to work at this to get better. It's very uncomfortable to push boundaries when you have anxiety but if we dont then we get stuck in a bad place. I found therapy helped me..also discussing anxiety with my doctor who explained how it worked really helped me understand that it wont hurt me, it's just uncomfortable. The more we fear anxiety the stronger the panic attacks get. I have had anxiety and panic disorder for 17 years now..

We need to look after ourselves and learn to manage our stress. Exercise, meditation, yoga, siting in a quiet room with candles and soft music or having a nice hot bath..are just a few ways to relax...sleeping is great too.

We need to avoid any caffeinated drinks and alcohol and nicotine...any stimulants are out as they just stress our bodies and make us panic more. Also avoid foods high in sugar. Try and stick to a healthy diet and take a muti vitamin if you feel your diet could be lacking in some vitamins and minerals. If you get heavy periods make sure you take iron tablets so your iron doesn't get low. Low iron can make you feel fatigued and irritable.

Its not easy living with anxietypanic but you can learn to cope better. You need to know that we are a bit different to others that can cope in any given situation. We are highly sensitive and therefore we need to protect ourselves from the harsh world.

Luv your avatar name..I'm a big shakespear fan:))

You're just a very sensitive person, no worries, try not to notice everything, if two guys fight, get out of their sight, that's the rule from now on, and it's a good rule for anybody, try drinking some coffee, fight fire with fire, do zen buddha meditation and some of your mom's downer prescription meds and you'll be fine.

Find a hobby or musical instrument... (not being sarcastic here). Maybe a way to direct your interests outward and find others with the same. GL

free form thought.

Aww oh my god you sound like such a sweetheart <3
My mom is kind of like that, whenever me or my siblings are bitchy/stressed/sad she feels the excat same way and whenever we're happy/excited etc. she feels the same way as well.
As for the anxiety issue, I can somewhat relate to what you're saying since I suffered from them a while ago.. what helped me was talking to my mom about it.. she really helped me through it.. so maybe you can talk to your mom or dad? They really help!
If that doesn't work go see your doctor or a therapist/counsellor, they have several years worth of experience and knowledge that will help pull you away from this vicious cycle.

i wish you the best sweetie :)

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