can anxiety lead to negative thoughts?!

Question: Can anxiety lead to negative thoughts?
I started to suffer from anxieties for a year (January 2010) then January 2011 hit, and it's like they just disappeared... but in replacement to my anxieties my thoughts are more focused on the most disgusting things that are just out of my character. It is a constant thought that consumes every minute of my day, and I remember this past January sitting at my table studying for an exam and these thoughts just hit me, and tears wouldn't stop streaming from my eyes, and they still don't! I have realized that some of these thoughts are due to what I have done in the past, but I've completely drawn away from all the negative stuff, and the thoughts of it are more intense then ever! My doctor prescribed me Zoloft due to the depression caused by it.. and I'm going to a councilor, but is there anything else that might cause this? Is it part of anxieties? Will it EVER go away!? Been struggling for 4 months now. Please help :(


Im going through the exact same thing, yes it will go away you just need remember to breath and focus on that, just take time and a lot of determination to get back to where you want to be! Most ppl say its like a trigger that is the start of your anxiety, im still learning myself.

personal experience.

Yes anxiety can lead to negative thoughts. Its very rampant. Start being very optimistic

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