Is scratching your arm with the sharp end of a paperclip considered self-harm?!

Question: Is scratching your arm with the sharp end of a paperclip considered self-harm?
There isn't any blood, you just slide the end of the paperclip across your arm so it makes a line and a few seconds later there's a red line and it's kind of bumpy. Is that considered self harm?
Don't be rude please. Just a question.


yes it is u.u any harm to yourself weather it leaves a mark or not is self harm and you proababally dont wanna hear my giant rant but you should try to figure out what triggers you to harm yourself and find ways to try and distract yourself whenever you think about it again could snap a rubber band on your wrist to kinda snap you out of it or draw or write in a diary that usually helps trust me you don't want to end up with scars its seriously the worst and you will regret doing it latter on in life i used to love the beach and swimming but now im stuck watching everyone in a sweatshirt to hide the scars from them plus the thought of any guy liking me seems terrifying and impossibe b/c they don't know about the scars so pleasee pleasee get help or talk to someone ik what your doing dosent actually leave scars but you may end up having them if you keep what your doing up and i don't want to end up like me at all! i seriously hope you get some help or stop what your doing best of luck to you

Did it hurt? Did you break the skin?

Usually not if you are just wondering why it changes color.

The worst case is if you happened to get a paper clip with the infamous flesh-eating bacteria and broke through your skin. That could kill you.

If you are doing it on purpose, technically, yes..especially if its causing marks and hurting you. Please don't do this, it's not fair to you.

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