what does it feel like to have schizophrenia?!

Question: What does it feel like to have schizophrenia?
Just wondered found out someone i know has it.I wanted to know if they have to take medication for rest of their life as does not take any.Also do they know that what they are saying did not really happen eg delusions


The diagnosis of schizophrenia covers a broad variety of symptoms.
But generally it feels like a dream, or being in a movie (action or sci-fi for me)
The definition of delusion means that you do not have any knowledge that what you believe is not true. You firmly believe your delusions.
Hallucinations seem very real, though most schizophrenics do not see people that they can interact with. It's not like you see a person that you can talk to, smell, touch, etc
Some people do not take medication for life. These people tend to have a worse prognosis and have more symptoms.
You should ask the person that you know about it..everyone experiences it differently.

Well my friend Russell Crowe here says it sucks. They do take medication. In severe cases they believe they are talking to real people when in fact, they aren't real to begin with.

Well.. they say your never alone with schizophrenia so it can't be so bad :)

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