How are anorexics controlled by their illness?!

Question: How are anorexics controlled by their illness?
I'm writing an essay on the difference between victims of circumstance and a tragic hero and relating that to real life people, my example is Lindsay Lohan. One of these things I need to figure out are how anorexics are controlled by their illness, because Lindsay was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.


When an anorexic person looks in the mirror, they see a distorted image of themselves. They see fat where there is skin, and believe they look overweight and bloated even when they are underweight. They think that if they eat, a little tiny bit, they will gain a ton of weight and become bloated. They are controlled by anorexia, a disease in their mind that controls the way they view their body.

Used to suffer from an eating disorder.

Denial, everybody lies and this makes them believe they do not have the illness or that they will tell doctors they have eaten more than they have, they become irritable etc.

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