Can rejection from the person you love cause depression?!

Question: Can rejection from the person you love cause depression?

Yes! Any traumatic event - especially rejection - can trigger a depressive episode. There's a difference between the normal moodiness following a rejection and actual depression however. Try taking this quiz to see if you have clinical depression:

Rate how much you have felt the following symptoms in the past week on a scale from 0-4
0-Not at all
3-A lot

1. Feeling sad or down in the dumps
2. Feeling unhappy or blue
3. Crying spells or tearfulness
4. Feeling discouraged
5. Feeling hopeless
6. Low self-esteem
7. Feeling worthless or inadequate
8. Guilt or shame
9. Criticizing yourself or blaming yourself
10. Difficulty making decisions
11. Lost of interest in family, friends, or colleagues
12. Loneliness
13. Spending less time with family or friends
14. Loss of motivation
15. Loss of interest in work or other activities
16. Avoiding work and other activities
17. Loss of pleasure or satisfaction in life
18. Feeling tired
19. Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
20. Decreased or increased appetite
21. Loss of interest in sex
22. Worrying about ur health
23. Any suicidal thoughts****
24. Would you like to end ur life****
25. Plan for harming urself****

****Anybody with suicidal urges should seek immediate help from a mental health professional! ****

Add up your points and use the score scale

Score scale
0-5: no depression
6-10: normal but unhappy
11-25: mild depression
26-50: moderate depression
51-75: severe depression
76-100: extreme depression

Yes even if you are normally mentally healthy a traumatic event in your life as the rejection of the person that you love can cause a depression. If it lasts to long or disrupts your life there is help. There are plenty of safe antidepressants that can change your life and how you feel.


Is this a final break and have they moved on and gone? It will help if you can no longer see them and be reminded of they leaving all the time. Time is a great healer and a new person can be waiting round the next corner. If you have any of their stuff because you may want to conder then burning it, ripping it up or cutting it - burn, cut all the photos as well. Do this as a ritual with some friends and some drink and cake! Chocolate as well!

Yes. Example: me. I had other depression risk factors before seventh grade, but being rejected by the love of my life over and over again, and then eventually losing him as a friend caused several nervous breakdowns, and set me into deep depression for years.

Yes, it most certainly can. When my ex-boyfriend broke up with me I was quite depressed. I developed a low self esteem and i began to do terrible in school. I went from Dean's List to almost getting kicked out of school because my grades were so low. But I am a whole lot better now. It's been a year and i'm back on the Dean's list, brand new confidence, and I walk with grace and my head held high.

Yes, definately. When someones rejected they start to think somethings wrong with them and that they don't deserve to be loved. It's harsh.

Its been six months from a short term relationship. Still depressed : /

Ofcourse! no one is going to be able to get over someone they love.

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