I feel so anxious/depressed/numb lately and i want to cut?!

Question: I feel so anxious/depressed/numb lately and i want to cut?
this week so far has really been a struggle and im so tempted to cut ive been looking for a nice sharp knife to use and two days ago i was gonna cut and i tested out a knife on my thumb and then i was going to cut more, but i didnt and i gave the knife away and now im back to wanting to cut and the urge is almost unbearable. ive been getting professional help, but talking hasnt helped much and i just started taking 20 mg celexa, 2 almost 3 weeks ago.


okay take it from someone that suffured from depresion and anxiety disorder that used to cut DONT you will seriously regret it latter i mean sure you may be feeling all depressed and upset about w.e going on now and it may have been going on for a while but there will be a time when you get better and you dont want to have to look at your arm and see scars think of all the things that r gonna be affected like summer time is now the worst season for me i hate it everyones in the water and having fun and i sit on the beach watching wearing a sweatshirt so my family dosent know about my old scars that and when a guy starts to like you you'll be totally scared about it b/c you dont know how and if you should tell them and when you do most wont take it lightly and think about your future which may be hard now since you have allot going on too i understand that feeling i used to think nothing mattered b/c i was gonna die anyway but now that im better if i ever have kids when im older i dont want them to ask me about what happened to my arm just dont please dont do that to yourself if i had a choice i wouldnt have done it whenever you think about hurting youself snap a rubber band on you wrist to sorta snap your thoughts out of it or write in a diary and draw on yourself but pleaseee dont actually cut youself its not worth it and i hope you get better soon! :)

Stress is commonly the trigger for cutting. . .
So, you need to learn *healthy* methods of dealing with stress *effectively.
Try implementing the suggestions in the articles:

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I know the feeling, I am dying to cut right now, it's KILLING me. But just don't do it, it's bad for you and leaves scars.

so then cut. just dont go overboard. problem solved.

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