Whats wrong with me..?!

Question: Whats wrong with me..?
i went through nearly a year of mental abuse and i still havnt gotten over it, i havnt talked to anyone about this but there are a lot of times where i just get all these flash backs and then i start crying or can hardly breathe and at that point i cant sit still and i just start shaking.


I grew up with a mentally abusive father. He came by it naturally, but it still wasn't right. It took me 13 years to figure out how to flip his psychological bull-crap around on him. Due to this, it's made me very manipulative. BUT I've gotten over it. I'm now 18 by the way. You just need to learn how to deal with it in your own way. & eventually I'm sure you will. Just try breathing in through your nose & out through your mouth slowly. It slows your heart rate & may help you a little.
You got this girl :]

There's nothing wrong with you from what you've written, but I will suggest that you DO talk to someone about it. I'm sure anyone wouldn't get over it after nearly a year, don't worry. When you get these flashbacks, try to think of something or someone you really love to get your mind off of it. Do they just come randomly? Maybe try doing more spontaneous, fun things with friends to a. keep your mind busy, and b. to at least replace some of those bad memories. Maybe you should start talking to a therapist. It can be expensive, but ask yourself, "Is it really worth not going to a therapist?"

1. I went 2 years through a telephone terror from a neighbor. I drove with the car and shouted as if I would shout at this lady. Helped a bit. But also with me, it took some time until I got that telephone-terror out of my mind.
2. You have to do breathing exercises: Take breath in as long as you can and breathe out long. This is done that you breathe in counting till 4 and breathing out counting till 4 or 4 seconds. Then 5, then 6, till 8. And do this several times a day.
3. Do you have a chance to go on vacation or visit a friend or relative a bit away from home for a few days?
4. Guided meditations could be of help and also subliminals with something about Feeling good or happy.
5. When you have a flash back, wisk it away and focus in your mind on an image or scene you like. This is easier if you have an image, maybe from a magazine, which you can look at, before closing your eyes. When you wisk it away, make a sign with a hand as you do when a fly is near your head.
6. Conditioned stimuli: When you are feeling great, fix a stimulus: for example pressing the tip of two fingers together. Exercise this repeticiously to condition this stimulus. The moment you get a flash back and cna hardly breathe, push the stimulus.
I hope my ideas are of help.


Hun I think you should see a councilor. They know how to help you with these kinds of things. Nothing is wrong with you. You're a strong person for getting through this, and I know that you'll be strong enough to seek help

Sounds like post traumatic stress disorder or something. I wouldnt think mental or emotional abuse could cause that but im not a doctor so you should def go see a pyschologist or therapist. They will help you make this stop.

It is a General Condition. So Don't Worry. You can Do Yoga For More Progress.

That is normal. Going to therapy should help.

Hun, you need to talk to someone you trust. Believe me, when you share your pain it is much easier

Nothing dear.. be positive... keep smiling...

Listen to some 2pac??
It calms me down

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