What to do when my bestfriend has depression but doesnt want to accept it?!

Question: What to do when my bestfriend has depression but doesnt want to accept it?
Ive know him for almost 2 years now and 2 years ago he never faced the serious situations hes in now. Its funny cause both our lives got ****** up in high school but his is bad. About one year ago from today his girlfriend got into a car accident and died. I just got his iPod today and classic me i'm a little curious and he writes consistently about how he wishes he didn't fight with her before the crash, well you read.
"Im thinking about you, and I just can't stop. The times we spent together made me feel like there was nothing better in the world. If i could go into the past i would whisper in your ear "'baby I wish you were here."' Sitting here knowing I'll never talk to you or see you again breaks my heart. I remember when we first met...u looked so beautiful and you still haven't lost an inch of that beauty. When we spent that weekend at new buffalo I had the time of my life... The potheads at McDonald :) I couldn't imagine or live a better weekend than that. We sat on the beach relaxing and cuddling. I would do anything to talk to you and hear your voice, you completed and me me feel like nobody could bring me down. I thnk now I finally understand what its like to truly love somebody and lose them. Now without you I dont know what to do or how to act. I dont know who to go and talk to and Im just completely lost without you. I wish i could take back that was said and done on Saturday. I wish that day never happened. Everyday I wake up my inspiration and motivation is made up of the memories we had together. Everytime i think about you i feel warm inside. If i ever get worried about you i can just look up and know the stars are holding you tonight. I told you everything now i dont know who i can go talk to im completely blind without you and i don't know what to do. I'm completely heartbroken, torn up, and blindfolded. I wish i could take back everything i did and said that night. I wish i could go back in time and stay with you forever and never leave you. Knowing i will never be able to see or hold you kills me and i cant handle it and i don't know what to do at all i feel weakened without you. Every time i think about you i miss you more and more and cant stop thinking about all the great times we spent together. I think thats what keeps me going and not wanna give up"

The thing is i really wish he didnt have such a burden on his life. He has days where laughing just isnt in is vocabulary and it just seems like its taking its toll so much on him. His parents prevent him from taking meds because his liver has been serverly damaged, but maybe there minds can be changed. Therepists are out of the question too but is there anything i can do to him. I want to approach him but hes in the stage of denial where he doesnt want to talk it out with me. Somebody please help my friend i really want to see him happy in his life


He has a reason to be depressed, what happened to his girlfriend is horrible. He wrote that he doesn't want to give up, that's a good sign. If he is vulnerable right now, don't push him. Just let him now that you are there if he ever needs to talk. It takes time to get over what happened to him. If you do talk to him, tell him he shouldn't just think about the argument they had, he should honor the memory of his girlfriend by remembering all the times they were happy together. The pain of loosing someone you love will never go away, but it will get easier,


Excercise - get out more
Diet - Eat whole foods, proper foods

You get out what you put in. Put in good food and good thoughts. Encouragement goes a long way also.

Good luck.

I just know. I've been there myself.

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