I have weird habits but I don't want to have them?!

Question: I have weird habits but I don't want to have them?
These are the habits I have:

Not stopping on page numbers with a multiple of three.

Counting every number I see in a strange way. This can't end in a multiple of three but if they do I have to quickly find another number and add it up.
E.g the time: 9. 35
There is more detail to it as well, though I won't go into it.
This counting is also in number plates, packaging, writing and anything with a number. It also always ends in 8.

Sometimes I blink really hard and often. It even starts to hurt after a while and I feel really tired because I have worked my eyes to hard.

I pull strands of hair (I don't pull them out, I only grab the ones which haven't been brushed out) and play with them, break them (not three times but more or less).

I can't stand the idea of cutting wrists of throats. Ever since I always bend my hand forward (Towards my wrists) and use the other hand's thumb and push on my wrist.

I always shut the toilet lid before I flush.

I have to grab more or less pieces of toilet paper.

I crack my knuckles always once or more than three times.

When I put something down or knock something and it wobbles, i have to hold it still until it absolutely stops moving, then I must blink, and while my eyes are shut I take my hand gently off the object without it wobbling.

I look in the cupboard. on the edge (behind) of my bed and under my table/desk every night before sleeping, and while I do, I always quietly shut my mouth, suck in, creating pressure inside my mouth then open it, making a small noise. It is similar to kissing the air, though not quite. I have to do this motion more than three times (and not a multiple of three). After I swallow

I am always putting my lips against the ring on my hand (not kissing) and wish for the protection of my family and myself. I do this very often (more than 13 times a day). Once I do this I swallow, as if to keep the protection I have recieved and to swallow it before i breathe it out and lose it.

Anything else I do which has any relation to a multiple of three I have to change.

when reading books or novels I come to some sentences or words and I read over those words or sentences again for no reason, even though I don't want to.

These all feel like there is someone else inside of me, making me do these things even though I don't want to. I sometimes fight against these habits but I never win, it's like i'm losing against myself.
I have some stange obsessions. I don't want to do them, but if I don't, I feel something bad will happen, though I know nothing bad will happen.
Sometimes I talk to myself, seeing if there actually is someone else in my head. I tell them off and I ask them not to do it anymore, but I don't feel anyone else, it only feels like i'm telling myself off. I know this sounds like i'm trying to shift the blame of my habits onto someone who is not actually my outside person, but this is truthfully what I feel.
Is something wrong with me? Or have you heard of anyone else like me?


It sounds like you may be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD. You need to share this with your parents and make an appt. to see a therapist and a psychiatrist. Seeking help from both of these professionals will definitely help you be able to manage these behaviors. The psychiatrist would be the one to give you medications, if needed. A therapist would be more intimate, someone you can really talk to and not feel judged or embarrassed and help you understand what is happening and give you alot of help in training your brain to think differently. Multiples of threes is very common with this disease. Do not be ashamed of getting the help you need. These are very real conditions. You can do this!

Mental Health nurse 18yrs exp, fellow sufferer, mother of two teenage girls

hmm maybe OCD
i would talk to a doctor or a srink type doctor many be they can help you out

You have OCD, no one is inside you. Ask your mom to take you to a therapist. You will be fine

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