What is therapy like?!

Question: What is therapy like?
I'm seeing the school counsellor about being depressed and cutting myself, but I'm scared. Can I totally open up to her since I'm a secretive person naturally ? What's it like ?


Don't worry, you aren't alone. I've gone through the same things. Therapy really can help. Just know that everything you say in her office is confidential, unless they believe you are at danger or could be putting others at risk. If you're under 18, they may also be able to tell your parents. But don't run from that because they may be able to give you additional help you might need.

Don't move faster than you feel comfortable with. Trust is an important component in therapy, you need to trust your counsellor. And as a counsellor, they will understand that.

Hope I helped and good luck! It's not as scary as you'd think :)

After the initial intake, most councilors start off slow and wait till you feel like opening up. You set the pace when you want to talk. Some people want to get it all out soon and others want to see if they really click with the councilor. Just like people outside of the counseling room - you like some and not other. You don't have to choose the first one you see.
Once you feel safe it is much, much easier to open up.
I think being scared is a good sign. It shows that you are careful and that you probably have come to terms with yourself enough to get help. But therapy has never been scary for me.

oh heavens, myself!

i think its good that your seeing someone
thats a very good start

also talk to counsler too

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