Need advice any teen, old person, wise person, male or female about life and edu!

Question: Need advice any teen, old person, wise person, male or female about life and education.?
Need advice any teen, old person, wise person, male or female about life and education.?

Okay well first before i start this i wanted to say thank you for even coming and taking the time to read my life story. and please if your here to insult me or say something stupid than just take ur 2 points I dont care

But those here to help me one word i can say: GOD BLESS YOU

Okay well right now this past month i have been depressed, because of how I ruined my own life.

I have a 3.5 Gpa that is ask risk of droping to 3.2 this year.
I hadn't been the best in school because I cheated my way through
I am cluless about a everything. I am a highschool junior with basically an 8th grade education, because of the fact i cheated.

I am taking AP courses on purpous this year to learn hard work and the gain of actual education,b ut they were to hard for me and now I am at risk in them and just scared.

I have now phobia of education and test, because for the past 3 years I havn't even studied or even seen any acomplishment and I am scared i might not acomplish anything in my life for my mistakes.

IN 8th grade i was smart i had a dream to go to harvard

In ninth and tenth i became anorexic and ruined my years of life

I had a goal for a university and now I am even lucky to go tocommunity college.

I have SAT in 3 weeks dont' know crap. (can't change it dad signed me up for it and he wont let me change it)

I am scared but i duno what to do I feel like giving up.

I dont know how to motivate myself. I really want advice.
I am so mad at myself that i made mylife as a loser. Me and my parents barely talk anymore, because they expected soo much from me and now they are so disapointed in me. I have only one freind who stuck next to me, but i dont tell her anyting, because she is actually 1 year younger than me and I dont want her to looka tm e as a loser.

My causin who is copping my ways of cheating makes me feel guilty
I don't know what to do

how to go past my mistakes and look foward. I only have 1 solid months to make a difference and look forward for junior year. I want to work hard in the summer and bring up my GPA for something I deserved.

My parents hate me rightnow for community college goal, but thats the only goal i have now as a chance for education.

because of htis i have a phobia that if i work hard and apply to universities and colleges i might get denied and that all my hard work will be for nothing.

what do i do? where do i go? where the hell do i start?

also if you have any life experience can you tel lme to help me?


Oh boy, First off let me just say.. I totally know where you're coming from..
I sucked in school I had horrible grades,I was behind in school,almost didn't even graduate.
I had eating disorders for years. A intense relationship..Severe depression..The whole 9. I so understand.
The first thing you need to do, is to change your mind set."Think better, feel better" I always say that to myself and to others.If you think to yourself "Ahhhh I feel like **** today" then you're going to feel like **** all day..If you wake up and say "things will be great today, life is awesome" or pretty much anything positive,you will feel great that day.. your life will change so much. Be confident and believe in yourself. You need to think you can. You have control over all of these bad situations..

If you're doing bad in school you need to start staying for extra help, most high schools offer free student tutors. It sucks to stay after school, but it will be so worth it, I promise you. Get as much help as you need to catch up, ask a million questions in class. I wish I did all those things. I graduated two years ago and every single day I live with the regret of.. why didnt I try in High School?
As for your parents..they shouldnt be dissapointed at the fact youre going to a community college. In fact its the same education, you can save ALOT ALOT ALOT of money and you can stay home or in the area. You can do all your basic classes at the community college and then transfer to a University.
I know what its like for your parents to be dissapointed.. Ive lived with that for a while. My parents hate my current boyfriend and they get so mad Im with him..but I told my Mom " If that makes me happy, you should be happy for me". Tell your parents that! Its so true. You need to live for your self. This is your life.Enjoy it how you want to! Life is what you make it.

Oh my god. I cant even begin to tell you how depressed I was.But In a matter of 2 months I changed my whole mindset and my whole life really. I love life so much. I live for me. Parents cant stay mad forever and if they see you happy they're going to be happy in the end.

Positivity is contagious! Get some outgoing friends. This sounds bad but seriously,smoke a little bit of weed(when you're not busy doing homework!) How do you think I got over my eating disorders!? How do you think I got out of my great depression!? Its relaxing and it makes you laugh and eat, those are all great moderation! You don't need to be a pot head hippie like me :p But its better then being depressed and not being able to get out of bed..
But seriously.Appreciate the little things. Keep your chin up. This IS temporary. And remember..everything happens for a reason.

Some tips to help motivate you ( I did/still do these things!)

* Listen to some positive music! My favorite band is "Rebelution" Listen to the song "Bright Side of Life". The band sends great,positive,feel good messages and provides great music to your ears!

*Get colored flash cards and write happy things,songs,sayings and goals on them and hang them in your room! I have one that says.. "Everyday is amazing.Learn to appreciate every little thing. Drain all negativity from your brain.To feel better you must think better.Positivity is contagious" Just like what I told you! I look at that note everyday,I love it :)

* Hang out with people who are positive and not depressing.

*Learn to accept and love who you are! You have to learn to love yourself before you can love others!

*Read this book: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. I read it in a leadership class Senior year, its very helpful! I would highlight fav. parts in different markers and use colored pens just for fun :)

I hope this helps, I know it will if you just do what I said. I am a wise girl who's been through alot,so believe me. I didnt type all this for nothing, so follow my steps :) I promise you they will help, ALOT.

The glass is half full, not half empty! Stay positive.

My free spirited,lovely,mind

You sound like a sensitive and thoughtful person. You have made a mistake by cheating and now realize you have only cheated yourself. You are so young! You have so much time to turn things around. Work hard, study hard, play hard. Just do your very best at everything you try. There is nothing wrong with community college. You get the same education for usually a fraction of the cost. You can get a very worthwhile degree at these colleges. Sometimes people start with community college and apply with their basics to other universities. I know plenty of students with much lower GPA's that went to state universities or even higher. You choose to be who you want to be everday. Make the most of your time at school. Someone very wise once said, "Our greatest achievment in life is not never falling, but in rising every time we fall".

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