I Don't Feel Like Having Sex Anymore?!

Question: I Don't Feel Like Having Sex Anymore?
I'm 19 and I don't want to have sex anymore, I feel asexual. I have a girlfriend who's probably gonna leave me because I don't feel like pleasing her but I really don't care, we don't love each other, our "relationship" is a pathetic facade. I've never actually been in love with anyone, including my parents. Anyway, I just feel tired over the last month, the only active thing I do is work out and that's just to maintain my sixpack and smoke. I don't feel like having sex or watching porn or masturbating or even kissing or talking to my friends, or watching tv or movies or playing video games or anything. I don't even feel like eating food, I only eat enough so I don't die, that's it. I'm not interested in anything this life has to offer, I feel indifferent towards women, money or power. Why do I feel this way?


See your doctor about depression. It sounds like it.

It kind of sounds like depression to me. I suggest talking to a good friend or perhaps talking to a professional. Hang in there pal, life has its ups and downs, so give it time. I strongly suggest praying, too. There is incredible power in prayer and God really exists and wants to be your friend. Best wishes. Peace

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