I am a Daydream, living as 3rd person?!

Question: I am a Daydream, living as 3rd person?
I posted this on Psychologythought id try mental health as well) I sit on this Chair in my room. Ive got so much to do. But the sound of the weather and noise outside seems more attentivve to me than what i want to focus on. I feel 3rd person all my life. If though im living my life in a daydream. Seeing what i need to do but the best i can do it is i daydream myself is doing it. Nothing gets done. Doc says im ADD. Mother diagnosed with Scitzophrenia. Ive had no type probs. Some major Depression. im just fed up. i have lots of things of interest all around me but not enough to get me to play with them! im just daydreaming!
Any advise would help. i cant live and die like this. Frustrating. If in crowds i daydream. I find conversation very boring. I see people as Numbers. Children as replacements to the old. Ive become dry and a Cynic. I feel very intelligent yet dumb. Immature but wise. thanks all :-)


Look up depersonalization, derealization, and dissociation. You may be able to relate to these things, and the whole thing you said about feeling like you're in 3rd person makes me think you could be dealing with one of these things. They're far more common than you'd think, too, so don't feel crazy when you read about them.

Technically a dream of any kind by Scientific definition is a form of a hallucination...

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