Is this a type of distorted thinking, or it is really this low?!

Question: Is this a type of distorted thinking, or it is really this low?
I realized a little while ago that I've been very selfish over the years, and I became convinced that I'm so selfish that it would be wrong for me to take anything from anyone again (taking, instead of receiving). I was living on my credit card in a hostel. I felt that asking if I could stay with someone would only hurt them, and me, and that rightly I should let myself get put out on the street as soon as possible. But the thought of living on the street scared me, so I asked if I could stay with someone and they said yes. In some states of mind I still think it's wrong of me to be here. Is my thinking distorted, or is this the truth? Thanks


Your thinking is distorted, you seem confused on how you should be, and aren't happy with who you are.

A Life-Coach would be a great solution, they can help you both in a practical sense, get your finances in order, help you get a place of your own. But they should also be able to help you get your mind right, because going from very selfish, to self-chastisingly poor, is both not right of course, because it's very Ego oriented, a whole-person, knows how to contribute, and be a positive influence, but will also let others contribute, because it's about the unit, not the individuals.

There is nothing wrong about asking someone if you can live with them and if you know they are sincere then go for it. Living on the street would not be good for your own self interest. If you have no money to contribute, do as much as you can to contribute for the person you are living with like cleaning up after yourself and doing chores.


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