Autistic thirteen year old girl?!?!

Question: Autistic thirteen year old girl?!?
There is this autistic girl who is thirteen, I help her with her homework sometimes. She can say words but she can't hold a conversation with you. If you ask her a question she can't really answer it. She can only answer simple questions like "What's your name". She also knows the names of people around her(if you tell her).She knows how to wash dishes and make beds and she is very smart, she just has trouble communicating. I was just wondering if she will ever have a normal life? Will she be able to live on her own or have kids? Or no? She is just learning how to read btw


That's pretty sweet of you for helping her!
Well, she's probably never going to have what you would consider a 'normal' life.
But, she's improving her talking, is learning how to read, and can do basic household chores, so those are some pretty good life skills for her to know.
She might be able to live somewhere where she's has occassional assistance by nurses or something, you know?
If you want to help her, just maybe teach her some more words, and help her out with her reading, I'm sure she really like having a friend.

First, I want to say that you helping her will make a difference in her life and you should be proud of yourself. I've had one Autistic girl in my English Class (Special English, I have no idea why I was put in it but was easy so it's better than regular!) And when she got mad or upset, she would literally scream on the top of her lungs and slam things, etc. It wasn't good but she wasn't really able to control it. You know? Students always made fun of her and when she had one of her episodes, everyone started to laugh and everything. I just sat there and did my walk until things calmed down, then started talking to my friends again (it was an online class, basically anyways.). Second, I am not too sure if she will have a normal life or not.. I am guessing it would depend on her and the state of Autism she has.

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