Should I see a councelor?!

Question: Should I see a councelor?
Well I really hate my moms boyfriend and I'm very scared of him. I've seen him yell at her and I'm afraid he could become violent. Every time I hear his name there's this overwhelming feeling that rips through me, I start to shake some times othertimes when we (my mom and I) argue about him I can't feel any thing and I just start swinging. Never at her but at walls or doors. Today we got into another argument and I was blinded with rage and I split my had open when I punched a door. I also felt like I truly wanted to do terrible things to kill him... It scared me so I forced my self to calm down but it was hard. I'm only 14 and I don't think it's normal for me to want to dismember sombody. Should I see counceling? I had a bad experience with a baby sitter when I was young and I've had anger issues ever since, could that be why I'm like this? I'm too scared to tell my mom just yet.


Yes I think you should see a counsellor. The abuse by your step-father isn't good for you or your mum and then a baby sitter abused your and your mum's trust. Of course I think these incidents have given rise to the anger and trust problems you describe. What about your dad is he around for you instead?

Remember hormones are going mad in your body as well which doesn't help. Try as far as possible not to harm yourself when you get upset.

As for the way you feel about your step father it's OK to be angry, it's not OK to dismember him though!

The Boys Town National Hotline @ 1(800) 448-3000 has Crisis Counselors available 24/7 who can problem solve issues with you or provide referrals to other agencies in your area. If you would rather chat on line, go to It sounds like you would benefit by talking with a counselor about how you are feeling. A good start wold be to call the Hotline and we would be able to discuss what is going on and possible solutions for you.
Good luck,
Counselor EA

Alright. I can tell just by how your talking that this is really taken a toll on you, not to mention you want to kill someone. I think you should, definately. Hopefully you get yuor problems sorted out so you can be happy. Im sorry to hear about this! I hope everything works out soon.

seeing a counsellor will drastically improve your quality of life

please do it

hya tell your teacher first ok then they will get a school counciler for you because i believe your to young to go see one out of school hours maybe let me know what happens

Yes, please see a counselor before you harm yourself or others.

Yes you should definitely seek the help of a therapist they will give you the coping skills to both help deal with your step fathers anger as, well, as yours. It is the best thing for you to do right now. You do not want to grow up and become an adult with these type of behaviors, which we see alot in abusive situations like this.I don't think it would hurt to bring your mom along to talk about these issues in a safe environment. if she doesn't know how you are feeling she cannot help you get through it all. It will do wonders for you and your family. Even after you begin if the moms boyfriend is willing he may want to come, or he just may need to go. Either way get help for yourself an get rid of the demons from your past as well.

Mental Health Nurse, mother of two teenage girls, fellow mental health sufferer

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