How do you deal with your ocd rituals ?!

Question: How do you deal with your ocd rituals ?

Avoid them as much as possible.
I used to have it pretty bad before I even knew what OCD was. Then I watched a t.v. show about it and realized what I was doing was a problem and I didn't want mine to get as bad as the people I saw on the show. That pretty much motivated myself to stop. I still do a few things, and I can't stand it but what can I do? As for light switches and walking in and out of room a certain amount of times before I leave... I'm done. It's not that easy for most people I guess, and I don't really know how to help you deal with it. If your looking to try and stop then maybe gradually decrease the things you do? Just slowly ease your way out...

I make a game out of them. I wash my hands a hundred times a day it seems, so I get the nicest smelling hand soap I can find. My spices and canned goods have to be in alphabetical order facing front from right to left, by graduated sizes of containers, so I see how fast I can accomplish this. I can't stand anything out of place, so first thing in the morning I give myself 5 minutes to get everything in the correct place. I may be nuts, but a least I have a good time with it.

Mine arent exactly visible to the naked eye. If i want to stop doing them i just stop. Never really had a hard time with that. But i do pick new ones up XD

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