Help with my ADD, its affecting family relationships?!

Question: Help with my ADD, its affecting family relationships?
Here recently i got diagnosed with anxiety, depression, paranoia, add, ocd, tics, and i think thats it,
My mom has been making a big fuss about my add.
I cant focus in math at all and i have been failing for awhile all she does is yell at me about it and its honestly not something i can help right?
i feel broken because no one else in my family has it im the only one.
i feel beyond dumb and so many other things.
I go to therapy and all but i cant get over this ADD the meds arent working and i just want to make my family happy.
its not fair that i get yelled at about things i cant control.

Is there anything i can do, please i need help.


I know how you feel, I'm going through the EXACT same thing. My advice to you is get off the meds (they didn't help me either) they dont fix everything! Plus my mom took me off the meds because we found out that multiple medications for ADD and ADHD can affect/damage your brain(long term too)You are not dumb, or broken, and no, we shouldn't get yelled at something we can't control, but what you can do is focus really hard during class, go in after and before school to the teachers of the subjects you are having trouble with. Or find a tutor. Ask your parents about getting a 504 plan if you don't have one already. A 504 plan is this:…

I have the same thing, and even though I do get yelled at, my mom says that i'm not dumb(though clearly i can feel that way sometimes) i can always improve it by helping myself, fighting to pay attention, and not being lazy and go get help.

Also, a good thing may be organizing and staying organized. It can actually make a big deal. And another thing is to try ocupational therapy, it made a difference for me.

So over all, I really recommend a 504 plan, it helps me by giving me extra time on tests and homework, but don't abuse it, if you can do/know the work, do it. But please don't think yourself as dumb or broken, you're not the only one out there dealing with this kind of thing. So lighten up and step up your game and relax.! :)


You are not broken. Many people suffer from all the things you do, and its just one of those cold hard facts of life. You will be fine, one day. Be patient with the meds, and keep your head up, sorry but that is the only advice I can offer.

medication my dear.

medication is made for this sort of stuff. it will help your life immensely.

you dont want to continue living like this do you? i dont think so. but medication can have a BIG impact on your quality of life.


you have to give the medication about 2 weeks to work and you have to keep increasing the dosage until you and your doctor find the dose that is right for you.

and trust me, you are not the only one in the family with this. i bet if you dig deep then you will find that some other family members have this because these conditions are genetic, meaning that they get passed down to you from others.

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