Is it possible to stay sober on your own?!

Question: Is it possible to stay sober on your own?
Or should you seek outside help?


Yes, it's quite possible though of course, it's always nice to have some support. Two members of my family gave up their drug and alcohol addiction without any outside help. One member died of his addiction to all depends upon the person, why they're abusing the substance, whether or not they're self medicating an underlying psychiatric disorder, etc. I think age is a factor as well...many younger people use drugs and alcohol quite heavily and then give it up as they mature. If the religious overtones of the 12 step programs offend you you might take a look at the following:

It is POSSIBLE to do a lot of things on your own, but often easier to do them with help. If you don't want to go to a rehab (they are good, but some people don't want to go), then try AA. It is a group of people who have walked in your shoes and know what keeps them sober. They will share their experiences and successes and hopes with you. Best of all, they will love your until you love yourself. Give it a try - it's anonymous and it has helped several of my best friends. Good luck and may God watch over you!

r u talking about alcohol? if so, you sound like you are thinking about quitting. thinking about it is one thing. doing it is another.

if u have a problem with it you should get help if u really r serious about quitting. otherwise u will probably just continue to think about it.

good luck and i wish u well

not shouting..just want u 2 c what i added

BEEN THERE .... QUIT SOME ON MY OWN ( POT ) ... OTHERS I NEEDED SUPPORT OF OTHERS...ONCE AGAIN... good luck and ignore the people who have nothing better to do than to take this s### as a joke.

you know aa and na are really good places to'll get all the support you need and find people to hang out with that are going threw the same thing you for the drugs ..thats going to be a diff might need a little help getting off of wise..or treamemt center..but if you hang around people that still do will never work have no willpower over the drugs or even drinking..thats why your asking for help right!!

AA is horrible shy away from it seriously
if you have an issue with booze or drugs quit your current friends and hang outs
stop going to pubs

Possible to remain calm and silent.

Outside help not necessary.


It is always far easier to do it with the support of other people.

Of course it is. Monasteries are a good place to achieve this.

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