Will my panic/anxiety ever get better?!

Question: Will my panic/anxiety ever get better?
I have had chest pain and have been passing out for about a year and a half now. I had no idea what was going on... my fingers would turn purple and I couldn't feel my face or hands and the back of my head would burn and tingle horribly. I ended up in the ER numerous times. After dozens of tests by my doctor they deemed my heart to be ok and checked in my brain too so I was diagnosed with severe generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I have been off work for about 6 months now and seeing a psychiatrist. I have tried numerous meds and have been taken off of most of them as I have negative side effects. I was on Celexa for many many months which improved my mood but did little more. My psychiatrist decided this was making my anxiety worse and weaned me off of it. I am currently on atenalol to control my pulse and blood pressure and 6mg of xanax daily and 2mg of Ativan. It seemed to be working for a while but since going off celexa I have turned into a royal ****** and my pulse stays between 90-130. I felt as though I was getting better and could possibly go back to work soon but for the last couple weeks it fees as though Im in a downward spiral with no end. Also my left shoulder and middle back between my shoulder;der blades have been killing me and Ive had digestive problems. My doctor is having my stomach scoped for the stomach problems and shoulder and back pain. Anyone else been thru this? Any suggestions? I;m tired of having numerous panic attacks a day and feeling like Im dying!!!


I have OCD, and commonly find myself obsessing/panicking over things myself. The one trick I learned is to when the thought comes into your head, accept that it's a thought, don't try to fight it. Just say to yourself, "It's just a thought." Label it a thought, and just let it pass. It will come into your head, accept it, but still label it as a thought and let it pass. As for the panic, when you think of the thing that makes you panic, adrenaline is released, therefore increasing panic, and it's an ugly spiral. If you need help, e-mail me, I'd be glad to help.

You're taking a pretty hefty dose of xanax, especially when it's combined with Ativan. I don't know what else your doctor has tried so I have no suggestions other than to say that anxiety disorders respond quite well to therapy so you might want to explore that avenue.

First of all, I hope you will feel better soon. This must be hard on you, but I am hoping you will get better soon.

I used to have a lot of anxiety. I think there is always a reason why these anxieties are there. Maybe try looking at your life, and see what is making you unhappy, or feeling forced. Do something about it. Easier said I know. But take control of your life in some ways. Secondly, Try meditation. Personally I hated the idea and it didn't seem to work for me in the past. But I've had a lott of throughts and negative thinking patterns that keep ruminating in my mind. This meditation stuff, really made me feel better. When you are meditating, focus on your breathing. Simply on your inhaling and exhaling. If your thoughts drift off, simply bring their attention back on your breathing and Continue meditating. This helped me, so I hope it helps you too. Working on your negative thinking is a start as well. Next time you react to something, listen to your thoughts, and change your thought to something positive rather than what you might have been thinking or used to thinking in the past. Thought is where the feeling/reaction starts.

I hope that will help you, It can be further detailed but I hope you get something out of that. Feel better!!

with proper treatment you would still be at work
shrinks are hopeless at treating anxiety

your beta blocker BP med dose may need to be upped, read up about the fight or flight response on the net. take the benzos only when needed and carry some tablets with you when out

breathe deep and slow to calm yourself. when panicky, accept dont tense up or fight back, breathe deep and slow and disolve a alrge benzo dose under tongue, read 'subliminal' on the net

go to an online bookshop and get some self help books on agoraphobia and panic disorder, dont waste any more time or money with the shrink, all the info you need is in the books

maybe try a smaller dose of celexa

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