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I've been diagnosed with gad..anxiety disorder but can anxiety be 24/7?????. From the moment I wake up I'm dizzy and can't concentrate on anything, I'm overly fatigue I can barely function then I start freaking out that I'm dying and start feeling lightheaded and shaky. I just started prozac but i can't seem to get myself back to normal. I feel inhuman and in a word where I don't exist. Idk if this is all anxiety or a health issue. I'm vry scared.


Melanie I am guessing your early in your treatment. The first thing to remember is no matter what the thoughts are telling you, you are ok. You cannot die from being anxious. I have GAD and OCD. How long have you been on the prozac? It can take up to four weeks to work well. Also you may need a higher dose or a different ssri. How old are you? If you are not too young or prone to substance abuse ask your doc for a limited prescrition of a benzo like klonopin or xanax to take until the ssri kicks in. If benzos are not an option buspar is a great non addictive drug for gad. Also if you are not in therapy i would recommend it since sometimes meds alone are not enough. You will be ok you just need some help to stop feeling like this.

Contact your DR at once. thanks and Star. You need more treatment at once. Thanks

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