Eating Disorder Question?!

Question: Eating Disorder Question?
So, for a long time I've been binge eating. I feel addicted to food, I can't resist the cravings and every bad emotion I have to push down by gorging myself with large amounts of food. I'm afraid I'm going to get over weight, but I can never stop myself. I used to create strict diets, but it wouldn't last long and I'd go back to drowning my feelings with food. But I stopped that because I know I won't keep it up. Well anyways, so about the other night or so I had a TON of junk food while no one was home. Then I just feel disgusted with myself, I almost felt my mouth wanted the food so bad but when I ate it my stomach was begging me to get rid of it some how. So I went upstairs and grabbed my toothbrush and got on my knees in front of the toilet. My heart was pounding as I put the tooth brush into my mouth, but my dog followed me into the bathroom and started trying to climb into my arms so I put down the tooth brush. Then wanted to cry because I couldn't do it, I just wasn't strong enough. When I went downstairs and my dog wasn't around I almost went back and I really thought I was going to do it, but I heard my garage door open and I knew my family was home. So I never did. I think if I ever eat as much as I did that night, it might be the only choice. I figure once or twice won't hurt me. Plus, I won't do it to loose weight just to prevent gaining weight or being too unhealthy.
Do you think this is a bad idea?
Oh and if I do it once is it still considered Bulimia?
By the way, I've never made myself throw up before. Just saying if there's no other choice I might.



When you do it once you put yourself at an extremely high risk of making it a habit.
I was never a binge eater but was diagnosed with anorexia last year; I at next to nothing and what I did eat I purged immediately. My resting heart rate eventually dropped down to 25 (normal being 60-90), which largely had to do with the purging as well as being severely under weight. When you purge you flush out your electrolytes and it really messes with your heart along with many other parts of your body. I suggest you seek help about your binging problem before you find yourself having to seek help over binging AND purging. Good luck.


If you want to lose your teeth, continue the way you're going. Your teeth enamel will diminish as a result of all that vomit... Fancy that? A skinny, unhealthy, insecure, teeth-less little chick. The price for a slim figure is high isnt it?

How to Change Habits
A habitual comfort eater needs to focus on those times when they usually comfort eat, and decide upon new things to do instead. Here are some examples of new habits:

Go out for a walk – This will increase the distance between the individual and the food, and is also a good form of exercise.
Do some ironing – Not only will this help the waistline, it will also decrease the size of the ironing pile.
Put some music on and have a dance – This helps people relax and takes the emphasis off food.
Telephone or visit a friend – Friends and family always have something to chat about. Just don’t start discussing cake recipes.

So to lose weight people need to remember to get plenty of sleep, and stop comfort eating.

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MA Counselor

This could be binge eating disorder. You very obviously have an eating disorder of some kind. However to be bulimic you have to vomit at least two times per week over a three month period. And you don't have to vomit; fasting, exercise and abusing things like laxatives and enemas directly after binge eating is still considered purging if it's right after and is not associated with anorexia at all. You can be developing bulimia. But your lack of control over the binging and the fact you can't stop is totally binge eating disorder. Seek help before something like bulimia develops.

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