help with my problem...?!

Question: Help with my problem...?
for the last few years, I've struggled with a habit of looking at pornography. I'm finally starting to conquer this terrible habit. but, I've discovered that this could be brought on by an un-satisfied need for affection I have (also mixed in with hormones of being 16).

I don't know why, but I feel like I need to watch people love eachother, and when the porn doesn't deliver, I dive deeper and deeper, looking for it

when my parents divorced a year ago, we stopped having love in the house. I don't mean sex, I mean the almost tangable love shared between a husband and wife.

how can I deal with this?


i know just how you feel hun. my parents divorced too when i was 6 . so u can imagine what it felt like growing up without much love. when i was 15 and also up till the age of 18. i felt the need to be loved so i got invovled with this 25 year old guy who really loved me but his love was too "mature" for me. so i turned to pron, but that's not the case cos it doesn't help. the more you watch porn the more you will be addicted and it will be hard to stop. so Pls for your own good stop watching porn, it doesn't help at all. you don't need to look forlove when God's love is right next to you. at the right time , trust me, you'll get all the love you are looking for and even more. it all takes time , that's why the patient dog eats the fattest bone. so pls stop watching pron just to be safe. cos if you watch pron too much you might be involved in a situation with a guy that will make you too vulnerable. besides pron causes you o think perversed stuff which isnot really neccessary at this age. so yeah that'smy oppinion.

good luck :)

This might... no im sorry this WILL so corny but find a better habit and if thats hard then start simple like limiting your time to watch it.
Try watching funny movies they make me happy!!
Hanging out with friends if fun because you look for it until it happens!
Try cooking video games anything!

I honestly know this didnt help but i gave it a try!

13 year old girll

There is nothing wrong with looking at porn. It is in our nature to check others out in the opposite sex. Porn is a really good way to do it.

Just avoid situations which would make u want to watch pornography like avoid staying home alone idk I can't really explain but hopefuklly u know what I mean

How much do you look at a day?

Hi Friend,

Pornography is a major problem in the world today and it is absolutely hard to avoid so you are not alone, but the good news is that there is definitely help out there for you!

I'm excited for you as you are on the right track to win the battle over pornography in your life, which will mean a better future for you and your future wife and kids! Pornography can be a consuming addiction prone to destroying relationships, degrading women, promoting lies, perverting the truth, and disconnecting us from the intimacy we were meant to experience in our lives. Pornography can disuse itself as a substitute for love but in fact it just brings more cravings that will never be satisfied and it is certainly no substitute for a real loving relationship that you will someday have. I'm sorry to hear about your parent's as I know that can be tough as my best friend growing up had the same thing happen in his life many years ago.

I would recommend you checkout some of the resources available on also there are many other resources out there if you Google the subject of breaking addiction to pornography.

It can really help if you have a local church you can get connected to for a support group, many have a program called celebrate recovery, so I would also Google "Church celebrate recovery [your city here]" and see if you can get connected with one of your local church youth groups or at least even just talking to someone about it at a local church. I would also love to stay in touch with you over email and maybe I can be of further assistance to you just helping you and equipping you to win this battle. I would love to be a resource for you! Send us a message by filling out the contact form on and let us know you posted a question on yahoo and I can get back to you via email. Alternatively, you should be able to send me a message through the yahoo system.

I hope this helps and I really do wish you all the best. If you want to get in touch and we can talk more.

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