What Is Wrong With Me?!

Question: What Is Wrong With Me?
SO I'm mostly going to talk about my anger, but I weird things when I'm angry. Like one time I was trying to start the shower, I still had my clothes on, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. Like it was filling the tub with water and I couldn't pull the lever up to switch it to shower mode. So I ended up yanking on the faucet, then getting even more angry I actually step into the tub, getting the bottoms of my pants soaking wet. When the yanking doesn't work I say, "Fine you want me to get wet? I'll get ******* wet, there, I'll do it." While I'm whisper shouting this at myself I fall into the water and begin slashing around, getting my clothes soaking wet. Then I stop suddenly, feeling just empty and depressed, I lay with my head under the faucet as it pours water on my face. I had to tell my mom, I fell in the bath tub when she found my wet clothes. There was another time, when I was home alone where I got really mad and I fell to the bathroom floor and started screaming at the top of my lungs as if someone was hurting me. Then I leaned up almost in tears, and I scream one more time. I've ended up punching and slapping or scratching myself in the face, usually I dig my nails into my skin and cut myself. I usually end up crying after wards. I'm not good with coping with bad emotions, I scratch myself, binge eat, do crazy things like I've said above. Sometimes I'm depressed out of my mind and others the anxiety is killing me, have trouble with everything because of horrible anxiety attacks. Everything gets worse, I used to get hallucinations not to long ago but they stopped. I used to want strong relationships, like close friends and a boyfriend, but I'm to the point I just want solitude and I don't want relationships. People cause to much pain and it's not worth working for anymore, sometimes I don't want to school because people mix all my emotions up.
I have never talked to anyone about this and am 15.
I Don't know what's wrong with me anymore.


I think this is to a point where you should talk to your parents about what you are experiencing, because quite literally this could keep spiraling out of control and end up being really serious when you become a young adult.
You should ask your parents if you could get into see a child and youth worker, or something of the sort, so that you can learn techniques in order to control your emotions, and make it through situations where you want to lose your temper. It sounds like you try to blame a lot of your issues on inanimate objects which is absolutely ridiculous, and you need to realize that, but on top of it you need to learn what to do to avoid those situations.
Good luck!


Sounds like you let people and situations get to you way to easily. Why dont you try to be conscious of the actions youre taking. You are way to young to not have a fun life. Find the gift in life. It wasnt made to be angry all the time.

Dear, sorry but you sound nutso. You REALLY NEED TO TALK WITH A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!
When you actually start harming yourself, you need help!!!!

sounds like a teenage stage, tell mum all about it

when stressed breathe deep and slow, for anxiety/panic attacks, and take valium

work off energy at gym, walks, etc

My dear child, it's time to talk to someone about this anger and confusion. You need more help and attention that anyone can give you here. Can you not talk to your mother or ask to see a doctor that could you refer you to the proper medical expert you need. We all get angry with ourselves sometimes but you go extremes and are in danger of hurting yourself. At 15 our hormones are raging, it's hard being neither a child nor an adult. This is an especially difficult time to be young and learning to deal with everything so you probably are feeling overwhelmed. Try to remember there are countless kids in the same predicament and everyone thinks they're alone. I also hope you didn't make this all up, because you've worried me.

Have you spoken with your parents about this? I think it would be a good idea. You appear to have rage and anxiety. But no one has ever seen these episodes. Strange. You're a teenager full of angst and this is normal believe it or not. Your outburst indicate a lack of self discipline or self indulgence. I think you are trying to have us believe you are crazy. I don't think you are. Make your parents aware of your concerns. Perhaps you just need some anger management training.

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