why do i want to start cutting again?!

Question: Why do i want to start cutting again?
Why do i miss self injury have don't it since it was l a month before my 22 birthday that i had stopped on October 31,2010?
i want to start cutting again because i miss it so much i started cutting my self when i was fourteen and i stopped on October 31,2010 and i want to cut deep enough to leave a big scar i am 22 can some on tell me how to cut deep and don't tell me to get help i am i see a therapist and a psychiatrist and my therapist is going on maternity leave in may and i only see her every other week while she is gone my psychiatrist will be take over my care even though i see both my therapist and psychiatrist and my therapist will call me to schedule my appointment with her in the middle of July wont be back until August what should i do i will be seeing my psychiatrist every other week until she get back please help what should i do i have been feeling this way for a while now please need a lot of answers thank you Kellie need a lot of answers and no rude answers please thanks a lot , i have always want to hurt myself ever since i was 5, i have both of my therapist e-mail and a cell Number she called me form a while back and i don't if she will respond to the email's i send her during her leave of absents please help me why do i feel like cutting my self again i miss it so much and NO RUDE answers thank you and don't tell me to correct my spelling


well first it IS hard to resist the urge....but it IS ad addiciting as nicotine...sadly i have been caught up with it and can't quit...sorry i don't have any suggestions but i just wanted you to know there is someone out there who feels the same way you do.

First, Chill. It's normal. Cutting can be just as addicting as nicotine.

Just fight the urge. it really isn't that hard.

Sadly, there is buy one answer. You are a disturbed person, you should become a surgeon and cut other people.

Its extremely hard. Try and find a hobby. Or when you get a urge, get a lollipop

It is human nature to remember our failures. If you dwell on the things you have done wrong in your life, your self-confidence will decrease. Instead, remind yourself often of all the things you have done right in your life, both large and small.

Another exercise is to challenge yourself to take a risk to confront a situation you’ve been avoiding.

The purpose of these self-confidence exercises is to get in the habit of expressing praise toward yourself. Each day, the goal is to record at least one thing you did right.

If you don’t have a particular event to write down, fill in the blanks of the following types of sentences:

? The thing I do best is…

? Something I have accomplished is…

? One of my best character traits is…

? I am proud of myself for…

? I am working to improve…

You have to develop a winners mentality, and to do this you have to root out the negativity that is holding you back and replace it with a positive influence. This is where positive thinking comes in.

Depression is not a local “disease” which only affects part of your body or your mind. Depression is a physical, mental and spiritual imbalance. You have to treat your body, your brain and your soul as a “whole” to feel better. Self-esteem and depression are in inverse proportion to each other; the higher the level of your self-esteem the less depression you feel if you feel it at all.

The first step is to listen to yourself and hear when you put yourself down, whether you actually do it aloud or silently in your head. If you hear a comment such as ‘I can’t believe how stupid I am’, stop whatever you are doing immediately and concentrate on figuring out why you are talking to yourself like that.

Have a nice day.

Thumbs down to Mac! My only experience with cutting comes from a friend who used to do it because of the abusive childhood she endured. She shared with me why people choose to do it. For her it was like a release of the pain she endured. She did not project a sense of value toward herself, she thought she was not worth much. You have given no clues as to your history or why you started. What were the circumstances of your life the first time you cut yourself? Cutting provided you something that you now crave. You are obviously upset that your counselor and therapist are not going to be as available as you would prefer. Perhaps this is a time for you to demonstrate your won strength. I promise you that you have strength, you just haven't had the encouragement to tap into it! You can resist the urge. It is ok and you will be ok if you resist the urge. Keep reaching out to friends and family that you trust. Find someone that you can call when you are caught in a weak moment...then actually amek the call. You may be surprised how many people truly do care about you. If you haven't got a trusted person in your life then try a local church. Keep calling different churches till you find a friendly person who demonstrates genuine concern for your condition.

Lastly, You are very valuable and you deserve better things in life than cutting yourself!

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