What happens on your 2nd appointment with a psychiatrist?!

Question: What happens on your 2nd appointment with a psychiatrist?
will they just ask me some ?s about what side effects im having and how well the medication is working? (im on 20 mg celexa for my anxiety and depression, which make me want to cut) or what happens?


You update them on how you are, discuss any medication issues then agree whether you're going to follow up later, arrange a time and date, they say your goodbyes.

They're going to want to know if you're:

- safe
- a danger to yourself/others
- coping on your own/at home
- managing to work
- sleeping
- eating
- taking meds
- coping at home with bills, houseworks etc

A good psychiatrist will aks about side effects: but as an anxious person try not too focus too muich on them. They are really minimal, but you may be getting nervous for nothing.

Try and focus more on what made you anxious and depressed in the first place, and the medicine will help enhance your positive attitude.

depends on how much time you get
take along a lisst of things to tell and questions to ask
celexa takes 2 to 6 weeks to work fully

if tense, breathe deep and slow

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