Emotionally Scared For Life?!

Question: Emotionally Scared For Life?
Hello everyone, I just have a major issue going on... Im just really depressed I can't see my girlfriend and I have been hurt many many times in the past from other relationships. I just have thoughts that she cheated on me, but I don't know for sure... I ask her and she says I would never do that, and she wants me to believe her... HELP!!!


What makes you think that your girlfriend cheated on you Adam? Do you have proof or are you just assuming? Why is it such a major issue? How old are you?
All of these questions are for a reason, and the reason is you are stating how depressed you are. Everybody has ben hurt one way or the other in life, but they don't let it carry their disappointment from one relationship to the other, if you don't have proof that your girlfriend is cheating on you, let it go and enjoy your relationship with her or you will force her to leave you with accusations and being moody toward you, and I am sure that you don't want to chase her away for no reason but your own lack of confidence!


my advice is to belive her for now until u actually catch her like I always catch mines...the worst thing u can do right now is assume things without really knowing wats going on...but if she is startin to get a lil distant from u and not callin u just ask her wats goin on y isn't she callin and stuff just dnt assume k

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