Why and how does anger arouse more sexual feelings after? (is this true btw?)?!

Question: Why and how does anger arouse more sexual feelings after? (is this true btw?)?
why and how does anger make one feel more sexual feelings after? as have heard people say that after they get angry..they feel like having sex..and also "make up sex"..etc?

is this true? why and how do sexual feelings increase with or after feelings of anger? are they simlar?

anything can explain appreciated.


With porn and todays culture its turning something thslat should be of love into something of hate. People are often becoming bored of regular sex after all the poem and casual intercourse they need something more stimulating. Our society encpitgrs men to take advantage of women rather than what we are really biologically supposed to do, which is protect them.

I don't know, I just want to take it out somehow. And...I'm a teenager, and he's there. And we both want it and it's just...great.


adreneline rushes ....

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