My girlfriend has been feeling depressed lately and i dont know what to do. Cany!

Question: My girlfriend has been feeling depressed lately and i dont know what to do. Cany someone help?
So my girlfriend has been feeling real depressed lately and she won't tell me why. We've been together for a while now and it's been going really good, but suddenly she's depressed and feeling sad. I try hugging her and holding her in my arms but its not working. I don't know what to do. I love her and she loves me but she won't be happy. She says she doesn't deserve to he happy. Please help...


tell her u love her and hold ur hands nd look her in. The eyes and say baby please tell me wats going on...I want to help u out but uneed to talk to me and let me know..

my boyfriend feels the same way as you.
i used to be the most outgoing, happy person you would ever meet, but then life changes altered my personality. now im alot more quiet and i get depressed quite often, about every day. i went to a doctor and they gave me pills to try for clinical depression, they didnt work as well as i hoped, but it takes a while to find some that work, so i just quit taking them. it has nothing to do with my boyfriend, he makes me Extremeeely happy, happier than anything, but i get sad randomly and i honestly have no idea why.
maybe she should see a psychiatrist and try some meds, they do work for a lot of people, you just gotta give it time and find the right ones for you. and your support will help her as well!
(: hope it helped

personal experience.

Maybe she doesn't know? You ever get sad for no reason? yeah its like that just do your best to comfort her and maybe she can sort it out in her mind. :) Good Luck to you both

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Try telling her how important she is. Or just cuddle and talk. Let her know that you're there for her.

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