PTSD from bad trip on Weed laced with cocaine?!

Question: PTSD from bad trip on Weed laced with cocaine?
Had a bad trip about two weeks ago, the symptoms seemed to be getting mild, then yesterday morning I started tripping out again when my mom was cleaning. With bleach, not sure that has anything to do with it maybe a coincidence. But I gave up and ended up telling my mom everything that happened to me and we went to the hospital. I told em I was having paranoia/anxiety and they prescribed Vistaril. Can the symptoms go away or is it permanent? Has anyone else went through this? And to add to my stress I got a girl pregnant. Will this feeling of me not feeling real and everything is just a loop fade? About how long would it take.? Personal experience?


Not withdrawals.
It's a form of PTSD, drug induced. Having a really bad trip can cause unbalances in the brain.
Yoga and time fixes it. Pure MDMA helped me slightly with putting things back into perspective.
But drugs wont fully fix it, stay strong minded and accept change. Then it will fade.
Email me your trip report and anything else: "" if you'd like. I've been through it all. Takes time.
Talking about it is the biggest step, and you've already started it.

Myself, been there, still there. But better every day.

thats not PTSD. i think you have it confused with something else.
i think your having withdrawals or something like that. it makes more sense.

common sense.

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