How to not be afraid of heights?!

Question: How to not be afraid of heights?
how do i not be afraid of heights because i am going on a field trip soon and i need to conquer this fear very quickly because we have to go down a 50 60 foot zip line help quick


Some people say you have to do it. But ask any person with a phobia just because you try it one time doesn't mean you won't ever be afraid again it just means you overcame it once and to keep moving forward. It may never go away its just If you do it enough you will know u have the courage to take the risk instead of lettin the phobia get to you.

I don't know what to tell you. I was never afraid of heights - I actually enjoyed the view. That all changed the first time I climbed out on top of a wind turbine. Imagine sitting on top of a minivan suspended 300 feet up. I scurried right out the edge, sat down, and looked at the ground (there's no rail or anything). I have been terrified of heights ever since. Even the Ferris Wheel at the fair bothers me now.

I've found most people aren't actually afraid of the heights themselves but instead they're afraid of falling from them. Just reassure yourself you wont fall.

The only way to conquer your fear is to do the thing your afraid of

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