What are some examples of Positive Stress?!

Question: What are some examples of Positive Stress?
Some examples/feelings you get when you have Positive stress?

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I think in the field of psychology, "positive stress" refers to stress that, while maybe not positive in the way it makes us feel, helps us add to our lives.

An example would be a student who knows they have a really big test coming up. The idea of a big test is very stressful, but that stress is productive because it motivates you to study harder, and thus do better on your test.

Positive stress pretty much encapsulates all of the norms of society that we have to adhere to. A mother may be very stressed out because she has to drive the kids around, cook meals, help with homework, etc, but the stress is positive because the outcome justifies the means.

It should be noted that in psychology "positive" doesn't mean what we make it mean in life. Positive just means "adding to", as negative means "taking away". Positive stress would be stress that adds to your life in some meaningful way.

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Working overtime. Reading a book to a child even when you are tired. Spending some time in an old age home where your mom or grandma is because you are a very giving person even if it can be stressful. Helping the plight of women and children in backward countries where mothers have no rights whatsoever just for the sake of being females.

choosing what to wear is stress, exercise is positive stress - anything that involves choice has some level of stress of it. Positive stress keeps us alive. We all need stress.

blowing out the candles on your birthday cake with everyone laughing and singing to you.

laughter, humor, the feeling of being admired and appreciated.

I think when you do good at sports you get possotive stress

i dont think there is such a thing as positive stress

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