i think im an internet addict?!

Question: I think im an internet addict?
what to do?


get out more, girls dont like flabby PC geeks like me, in an addict, its 5.34am and ive not been to bed, guess i make another coffee and google weird ****

i have no life either

I had that problem too! What I did was on my computor, I put a password lock. I had a password that was really long and forgetful. I would write it down on a peice of paper and then lock it somewhere and hide the key in someplace where its hard to get the key out of. The first few times you might get persuaded to get the key and open up your lock and open your computor but after few different places to hide the key, you would start to get to lazy or whatever to get the key. It helped me by alot!

Well there a certain medications available. There is something called Mebroqualone that will sedate you enough to paralyze you for a few hours so you don't use the internet.

Or you could try doing something else to put your mind off the internet, for instance, masturbate. That's the only thing I can think of really. Everything else will make you want to use the internet more.

Sometimes a like to take a shitt on the floor. Feels good man. You should try it.

Get off it for awhile. Set amount of time that you are on it and everyday take it back an hour. That means get off and hour before you normally do. Next day do 2 hours and so forth. Then you will see you have other interests.

LVN, one time addict myself

Press the power button and do something else.

keep trolling

me too

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