what cause people to have a relapse for self injury? why do i miss self injury ?!

Question: What cause people to have a relapse for self injury? why do i miss self injury ? two different questions?
Why do i miss self injury have don't it since it was l a month before my 22 birthday that i had stopped on October 31,2010?
i want to start cutting again because i miss it so much i started cutting my self when i was fourteen and i stopped on October 31,2010 and i want to cut deep enough to leave a big scar i am 22 can some on tell me how to cut deep and don't tell me to get help i am i see a therapist and a psychiatrist and my therapist is going on maternity leave in may and i only see her every other week while she is gone my psychiatrist will be take over my care even though i see both my therapist and psychiatrist and my therapist will call me to schedule my appointment with her in the middle of July wont be back until August what should i do i will be seeing my psychiatrist every other week until she get back please help what should i do i have been feeling this way for a while now please need a lot of answers thank you Kellie need a lot of answers and no rude answers please thanks a lot , i have always want to hurt myself ever since i was 5, i have both of my therapist e-mail and a cell Number she called me form a while back and i don't if she will respond to the email's i send her during her leave of absents please help me why do i feel like cutting my self again i miss it so much and NO RUDE answers thank you and don't tell me to correct my spelling all of this goes with the first question the second question is
what causes people to have relapse for self injury?
do people ever stop cutting them selves ?
please answer all three questions and please leave a space in between each answer thanks a lot kelliei feel like i am never going to stop cutting myself


People cut for different reasons. Some people do it because they want to feel as if they are in control of some thing in their lives, it's often an escape for issues that have been ongoing for a while, that people feel they have no control over. People do stop cutting, people do stop self harming. (I know from personal experience).

It comes across that you feel there is no one to talk to and that you are getting pushed from pillar to post. I would recommend calling gain and telling them you REALLY NEED to talk to some one, explain your situation and get them to make an appointment ASAP.

If you can talk to family and friends do. I can understand that you must be experiencing a great deal of turmoil, and that there might be shame and fear telling them, but t's really important that you have a support system in place.

Life really does get better, hang in there..

I used to cut myself. It would calm me down. My ex-boyfriend and I would get into really bad fights..and I would cry uncontrollably...and the cutting always made me stop crying and calm down over all.

The only way I stopped cutting was dumping my ex.

no need to cut deep, I use to cut just among the surface and now I have ugly white lines all over my arms...Some people like to hurt themselfs due to the fact that they might think it will help them in whatever situation or they just plain out get pleasure out of it OR they want attention.And then again, you can be like me ("schizophrenic") n have "voices" tell you too. And yes people do stop.


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