Why do i keep dreaming these things? HELP?!

Question: Why do i keep dreaming these things? HELP?
Ok so, my man has this bisexual friend (or so we think) and me and him don't get along so well, i tolerate him, but hes rude annoying and lude! Well, i keep having dreams about him, he hits on me, he trys to have sex with me, i try to have sex with him....etc!!! I don't know why i keep having these dreams about him, it's not constant, but its very often that i dream about him! And i don't like him that way, and i don't wanna have sex with him, but why do i keep dreaming about him? HELP!!!
(No mean answers please)


Probably because you dont like him dreams alawys seem to be opposite of something hahah nd you not likieng him its making it seem like you do in your dreams !

Go on dream dictionary.com and you should probably check sexual abuse and some other links that are related to what you dream

Uh I really don't know talk to a counsler.

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