Why do I not want love?!

Question: Why do I not want love?
I grew up alone. And now I gate live. I don't like getting hugs or my anyone telling me they love me. It just creeps me out and makes me feel weird and sick. I especially hate it from my parents.

Am I normal?


RAD Reactive Attachment Disorder..not normal..it is a recognized disease. Didnt mean to sound harsh,, only answering the question as it was asked

Depends on your assessment of your parents, what it is they do. If you
think their 'love' is good, fine, acceptable, then yes, you would have
a problem in not returning this.
But sometimes parents don't have healthy 'love' themselves. This
has been the basis of many great books all through the ages,
including the famous play writer, Shakespeare if you've taken King Lear etc.
and many other writers. The 'love' is often wrong.
So that's important. Not that you blame or hold it against anyone, just
to notice this.
If their love is completely good, normal, and you then have a problem,
just see if you can write a note, or a card saying 'thanks'. Just tell them
that you feel uncomfortable at this point in your life with the touchy feely
things, and even hearing it. I think you grew to need distance.

To answer your last question, NO! Everyone needs to know they are loved in order to be mentally healthy. In order to get this love you have to give love. Be thankful your parents love you and try to reciprocate. You did not grow up alone because, as you say, your parents tell you they love you. Tell them thanks and that you love and appreciate their TLC.

Good luck!


Not normal was abit harsh!
Normal is overrated anyway.
It is a disorder however, try and seek help x

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