Why can I not accept the way I am?!

Question: Why can I not accept the way I am?
I am level-headed person. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, I've had my moments, just like everybody else. In a physical sense, sometimes I just can't look at myself. I'm not going to say that I am never happy with the way I look. There are times when I've made an effort for a night out or something, and I think 'hey, actually scrub up ok', but it's usually short-lived. If I see pictures of myself the next day, I feel terrible. The people around me don't think I'm ugly, or deformed, or unusual. They all have so much confidence, they don't care what they look like in pictures.

I have a boyfriend, who tells me he's very attracted to me. Why can't I just....accept the way I look? I've had 24 years to acknowledge it!


While the rocky m individual certainly took practical measures to fix those problems, the fact that they were recognised as actual problems and then undertook cosmetic surgery to fix them is quite anathema to the concept of self-acceptance.

First of all, you're more than likely not the first person to have this issue. Many people struggle with issues of self-image, how they are and why the are, I am actually one of them (to a much lesser extent than I used to be).

Have you suffered from any trauma or abuse in your past that may be the underlying cause for this now? Perhaps this could be a good time to see a counsellor for a while to talk through any issues you may have. Otherwise all I have to say to you is that you're perfectly fine the way you are. Take your boyfriend as an example. He has looked at you physically, emotionally, spiritually and seen everything about you. Everything he likes and doesn't like. Yet he still wants to be with you regardless of your flaws, because all your good eclipses that.

You also shouldn't equate how good looking you are based on your friends, you're all different and one's strength may be another's weakness. They may look at you and want something you have.

As a Christian here is the last thing I have to say: God didn't screw up when He made you, He is a Father that loves to parade you because of how amazing you are whether you realise it or not.

We all feel better when we are dressed up, so that's what you must do. Always present your self as good as possible. But what ever you are concerned about what can you change ? The things you can change do it, then the rest you can do nothing. You need to take what people say of you as true, so you are concerned about nothing. You are who you are and that is it, just accept it and start enjoying your life. Take care.

1.Give Yourself Some Target/Mission to Divert Your Mind in any Positive Work.
2.Build Up Never,Never,Never Give up Attitude.
3.So Yoga & Medication Regularly.
4.Build up Self-Confident.

Well just work on yourself there somethings u dont like about yourself then fix them that what i did. I got a better nose i had my lazy eye lifted got my teeth worked out and feel way better now :)

Andy Hall gave you some great advice and I hope you take him seriously. God does not make mistakes and He gives everyone special gifts. One thing that works well is to sit down with a piece of paper and list all of your good qualities. Be as honest with yourself as possible.
You come across as a intelligent person and your question is well thought out and easy to understand. That is a gift right there. You have to be your own best "cheer leader" as there are few people who will give you positives. If you are feeling insecure, say a quick prayer and ask God to help you stay confident and positive. I did not get many compliments from my parents even though I was raised in a loving environment. An old comic on TV back in the late 60's called Popeye The Sailor. He always said "I am what I am". That is a good thing to remember. You have the right to be happy and confident. Everyone has insecurities and you would be surprised at what the people you hang out with struggle with, some people are better at hiding stuff than others. Everyone, and I mean everyone is fighting one or more "battles" in their lives. You and only you have power over your life by the way you think.
Acceptance is the pathway to peace. Think to yourself "Ok, that's the way I am and I will learn to deal with it". Some things in your life you can change and other things you cannot, that's just the way it is for EVERYONE. You have a boy friend that cares enough about you to tell you he is attracted to you. Believe me, there are millions of women who would give just about anything to hear their bf or husband tell them that! Pray for confidence. God is always there and He wants to help you, He is waiting to hear from you. You are special and unique just the way you are, just learn to give yourself positives (remember the list you made!). Sorry this is so long, but I think it is important to learn how to stand tall and be the best you that you can be. I wish you the best. Pray always and never lose heart. Peace

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