How to have a focused and stable mind ?!

Question: How to have a focused and stable mind ?
My mind is very unstable . I keep on making plans and then unable to follow them . Also , like i create twitter account , then use it for few days then delete it and after few days again make a new one . Plz help me . Cheers and no hatred plz


Do not worry and do not stress. Establish priorities.

If you have medical insurance, you probably have " counseling opportunities " as part of your insurance. Take advantage of them and talk to a professional.

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Hi, You should see your GP, maybe you have a touch of depression? I am not a doctor so I don't know for sure, but I suffer myself occasionally and its like what you said. I make plans and then suddenly I don't want to see anyone, or I have a panic attack or I just am not bothered to do anything. My Doc told me to meditate and practise yoga or attend a breathing class or do a fun activity weekly(dancing lessons or something) this will keep your mind at ease because its usually boredom that makes you overthink. Also, Vitamin B and Fish Oil tablets can be gotten in any pharmacy or health food store, my doc told me these keep your mind healthy!!

Local GP and Holland and Barretts Health Food Store

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