What do you think of the girls name, Elanor Juliet?!

Question: What do you think of the girls name, Elanor Juliet?
I've just been throwing together random names that I like into combos that sound appealing (to me anyways) and this one popped into my head while I was walking to get the mail(lol). I quite like it, but wanted to see what others thought.

Thank you for answering.


I love it but I think that it should be spelt Eleanor Juliet. The nickname could be Ella or something, its very feminine but I love it. It also sounds very poetry-ish.

my brain

Nice enough name, but I'd suggest that you change the spelling it Eleanor, since this is the customary spelling. Otherwise, your daughter will end up having to correct people's spelling on her name a couple of million times during her lifetime.

googled Eleanor and then Elanor. check it out and you will agree, I'm sure

It's adorable! I would let the child go by a nick name though until she's old enough to appreciate "Elanor"


I prefer it spelled Eleanor, and spelled that way I really like it. Very pretty and feminine name.

I would like it if you spelled elanor like eleanor.

Sounds fancy and Shakespearean.

But really, it sounds like a strong feminine name. I like it.

It's pretty, I would spell Elanor like Eleanor.

Eleanor Juliet is better. But i'm not a huge fan of it. Very traditional though.

i like it but i think el*e*nor is nicer than elanor

EJ for short. Sounds like a boys name.

Not a fan.

i dont like the name Elanor but its a cute combo!xxx

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